Help The Future

Live a life with purpose

Nelson Mandela said that it is we who can change the world and make it a better place and it's your responsibility to make a difference.

Help The Future- HTF is a well known nonprofit organization with a motto of " Live A Life With Purpose". This organization has created keeping in mind the current social state of our country whose success is truly enviable in both supporting and extracurricular sectors. There are many growing children around us who are surrounded by many difficulties and face many complex situations in society, on this point HTF team members work together to bring a fairy smile on the face of these disadvantaged children.


Pro tempore, Help The Future-HTF has become one of the topmost organizations in Dhaka and for this reason, we've developed our mission in both curricular and extracurricular ways for the disadvantaged children of our society. We have three departments including Educational Department, Help & Support Department and Cultural Department. In the educational department, we help them by giving education ingredients or solving their problem, in the help & support department we try to make them physically and mentally strong and in the cultural department, we try to involve themselves in their creative passion arenas and these all are done in both curricular and extracurricular activities.

Though Bangladesh is one of the small countries in the world, it is covered by 30% of youth (10-24 years old) of the total population who are the main victims of all kinds of complications like poverty, health problem, economic barriers, lack of attention, social problems, etc. They are small enough to make the right decision like what is good or what is not good for them, that's why Help The Future - HTF team members are here to help them take the appropriate decision for their life. HTF believes that our youth is full of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to become an ideal leader and citizen of our country if they get proper directions.

HTF has completed many events throughout the country successfully. The Educational Department events are- 'শিক্ষাই পারে বদলাতে', 'Quiz Competition', 'Int. Program Unity', 'School Bag- Srilanka', 'Teens Meet', and 'School Meet Up'. Help & Support Department events are- 'Sharing Smile', 'Notebook, Pen, Bag Distribution', 'Light of Ramadan', 'রাঙা হাতের ঈদ', 'Call of Duty' and 'Winter Smile for All'. Cultural Department events are- '21 February Celebration', 'National Day celebration', '1st Children Photography', 'School and College Photography Contest', and 'Flim Fiesta'.

We also give training named "Teen Volunteer Training" to (5 to 10) grade students focusing that our students can gain some good qualities like- leadership, teamwork, providing social service being confident, being active citizens, gaining psychological characteristics, etc. Our training program includes Volunteering Training & Leadership Training (Lecture with presentation), Team Work, Field Work or Practical. We have also done a successful project on "Good Touch and Bad Touch" for our young children who don't have the idea of what is good or bad for them. Because children must know that none can touch their private space, it should be covered in the public place and learn to respect own private spaces.

So, we can say that Help The Future - HTF is an ideal organization for making our society a better place for living and being our children self-sustained.


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